La cgt
Publié le lundi 22 novembre 2004

solidarity with the struggles in India

Dear Comrades,
The French General Confederation of Labour (CGT) expresses its full solidarity with the struggles and big demonstrations, that you are organising in your country – especially those related to the big day of action on 21 May 2003.
Everywhere, workers and their unions are coming up against the same free market rationale of privatisation, reduced social budgets and attacks on labour law, in order to promote increased profits and capital accumulation by putting workers into competition with each other within countries and throughout the world.
In France, we are involved in major struggles and demonstrations within and across sectors. The central issues are pension reforms and defence of public services and jobs.
A big national demonstration will take place on 25 May in Paris. The same things are at stake in other European countries (Germany, Austria and Belgium).
We are always ready to reinforce and extend solidarity between workers of all countries and trade union cooperation for social justice, well-being and peace.
Yours fraternally,