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Publié le vendredi 6 février 2009

Strikes and demonstrations throughout France

Hundreds of thousands of workers from many branches participated in strikes and huge demonstrations on 29 January following, the call by the CGT and 7 other trade union organisations.

The success of this day of action is glaring evidence that the trade union movement is alive and kicking.

Workers refuse to be the prime victims of the present economic and financial crisis, which they in no way created.

According to CGT estimates, 2.5 millions workers participated in the 195 demonstrations that took place in France.

The President of the Republic and employers should pay heed to workers’ demands and open negotiations on public subsidies to companies, employment, wages, pensions, public services, social protection etc. All these issues are included in the common platform of French unions. If no measures in line with people’s needs and demands are taken, it is likely that mobilisations will continue and amplify.

The CGT appeals to all workers and its member organisations to take advantage of the success of today’s initiative to organise new ones at local and firm levels.

The CGT is convinced that in the present situation, the balance of forces will be essential.

CGT France

Montreuil 29.01.2009