La cgt
Publié le mardi 17 août 2004

Statement : Stop the construction of a separation wall in the West Bank

The CGT demands that the separation wall in the West Bank be immediately pulled down. Although the Road Map envisaged initially the removal of all restrictions on normal life, the Israeli government is implementing a policy of unilateral separation in the name of security.
This wall does not follow the border between Israel and the West Bank (i.e., the 1967 internationally recognised “green line”), and annexes some of the most fertile Palestinian land as well as confiscating water resources. It includes Jewish colonies, that have been built on Palestinian land, and bulldozes thousands of acres of Palestinian land.
Now, thousands of Palestinians are either trapped between the wall and the “green line” or cut off from their agricultural land.

In such conditions, many people will be forced to leave their homes or will be expelled. The human consequences and the worsening of an already disastrous economic situation will mean that a viable Palestinian State will be completely impossible.

Far from providing the sought for security, this wall will create a dramatic situation thus preventing the implementation of solutions based on the coexistence of both States.

The CGT urges the French government and the European Union, as parties to the Road Map, to commit themselves to the pulling down of the “wall of shame” and creating the necessary conditions to force Israel to respect international law.

Montreuil, 2 March 2004