La cgt
Publié le jeudi 9 septembre 2004

Press statement on US military intervention in Afghanistan

US and British troops started military intervention in Afghanistan last night.
The objective of this operation is to hunt down terrorists and hit the Taliban regime in Kabul.
We are all facing an very extremely serious situation.
The consequences of such large-scale bombings and armed operations are very worrying.
There is a great danger of killing innocent people, who are already suffering, and triggering escalating revenge and violence.
The CGT has demanded a resolute fight against the terrorist networks, that perpetrated the 11 September attacks. Even if the use of force cannot be excluded in the search for criminals, the CGT continues to think that war is neither an inevitable response, nor a real solution.
It is essential to favour a political solution, worked out with the Afghan people and involving the entire international community.
Such is how France should commit itself, not in active participation in armed conflict, which will have consequences that will be difficult to control.