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Publié le mardi 17 août 2004

CGT Congress appeal against the war in Iraq

The war that has been unleashed by the US government and its allies against Iraq is in full swing. Baghdad and other towns are being bombed. This war will be much longer and more deadly than its instigators had originally announced.
The CGT, world public opinion and the whole of the trade union movement denounce and condemn this war, which will have unpredictable consequences for one of the most fragile and unstable regions of the world.
The Iraqi people suffers greatly from both the dictatorship and embargo. The pretext of the Saddam Hussein regime’s ability to endanger the world does not hold water. We firmly condemn this dictatorship, but do not think that democracy can be brought by armed invasion.
The US administration has also justified this war by referring to alleged links with international terrorism.
Terrorism is an extreme form of political violence against civilians. It is incompatible with human rights and discredits the causes it claims to defend. It must be resolutely fought.
But, in this case, US military intervention runs the risk of leading to increased terrorism.
The USA is trying to impose its continued leadership of economic and financial globalisation. Where will the world end up if one State imposes its imperialist vision, while ignoring dozens of millions of demonstrators in all continents and of all opinions and faiths !
What future is being prepared for us by setting cultures against each other and advocating crusades ?
This war must stop !
The CGT supports the statement made by the European Trade Union Confederation on 20 March, which says that the legitimate goal of the international community to disarm the Saddam Hussein regime could have been achieved by peaceful means under the supervision of the UN.
In line with action already taken by CGT branches and affiliates to avoid and put an end to the war, CGT Congress calls for increased mobilisation. It demands the withdrawal of armed forces, whose presence in Iraq breaks international law and should be officially condemned by international institutions. It is against allowing American bombers to fly over French territory.
The international conference that was held on the CGT’s initiative the day before Congress, asserted the need for "a just solution of the Middle East conflict with the establishment of an independent and viable Palestinian state alongside a state of Israel living in security", as the European Trade Union Confederation stated.
Commitment to just and lasting peace in this region of the world should at last triumph over warmongering arrogance and hatred of others.
CGT Congress denounces the indecency of businessmen of the world club of transnational companies, for whom economic and human war losses are synonymous with huge profits.
It is committed to the coming of a new era regarding both the conception and organisation of economic and political relations in which Europe should assert itself.
Peoples’ unity in ongoing mobilisation promotes these demands, as the place taken by young people shows.
The development of public awareness in favour of a world of peace and social progress is an important factor in the current situation and the CGT intends to fully play its role in this process.
CGT Congress calls on working people to pursue its resolute mobilisation against the war and participate notably in demonstrations on Saturday 29 March and regarding all current issues.