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Publié le vendredi 27 février 2009

A new day of action, on 19 March

The success of the day of action organised throughout France on 29 January forced the President to organise a "mini" social summit, after which the eight national unions published the following statement, confirming a new day of action, on 19 March. There follows the statement.


23 FEBRUARY 2009

The success of the day of action of 29 January led the President of the Republic to an-nounce – during his meeting with social partners – a slight social turnaround in his re-covery plan.
In response to some of the demands put forward by the trade union centres, measures have been announced, consultation processes are to begin on the distribution of added value and profit, and a social investment fund is planned.

The CFTC, CFDT, CFE-CGC, CGT, FO, FSU, Solidaires and UNSA feel that the announced measures will not be sufficient to curb the economic course of government policies. Furthermore, the President has categorically refused to increase the statutory minimum wage, to alter his policies in the field of public service employment or to rescind tax exemption on overtime… not to mention employers’ obstinate approach and their refusal to take their responsibilities.

The crisis requires much further-ranging responses. The impact of the economic and finan-cial crisis is mounting, and heightening employees’ concerns. The increase in job losses and the recourse to short-time working contribute to magnifying recession and weigh heavily on an already deteriorating purchasing power.

All this has led the trade union centres to decide to expand industrial action in the different sectors.

They confirm the cross-branch day of industrial action of 19 March 2009, with strikes and demonstrations throughout the country.

As a follow-up to their joint statement of 5 January 2009, they call their affiliated unions and employees, the unemployed and retired workers, to state aloud their demands to the government and employers :

- To safeguard jobs in the public and private sectors ;
- To fight against job precariousness and economic and social deregulation ;
- To demand pay policies that maintain decent purchasing power for employees,
unemployed and retired workers, and that reduce inequalities ;
- To defend our social protection scheme based on redistribution,
and high-quality public services.

They express their solidarity with, and support to, workers in French overseas territories and their trade unions, and call upon the government and employers to respond favourably to their demands.

They agree to meet again on 20 March, at 8 am.