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Publié le jeudi 9 septembre 2004

14 September : a day of mourning in memory of the victims of 11 September

The European Community decided that Friday 14 September would be a day of mourning in memory of the victims of the atrocious attacks perpetrated on 11 September on the United States. These attacks cost thousands of innocent human lives.

The CGT supports this decision. It calls on its organisations and activists to show their solidarity with the families of the victims, who were deliberately sacrificed - both those on the planes and at work, as well as those who perished without thought for their own lives in safety and rescue operations.

This tragedy hits foremost the US people and nation. We understand their shock and determination to track bring to justice and condemn those who carried out this abominable act, those who were behind it or those who knowingly supported or tolerated it.

We can all appreciate this attitude. At the same time, this general feeling shows that this tragic event has broader repercussions : finding its causes and raising awareness of political dissension, economic difficulties, social inequalities and cultural tension. This tragedy is the symptom and end-result of these problems, which concern the international community as a whole.

We are faced with an unprecedented situation. Justice and crime prevention require much firmness, and also much responsibility in operations aiming at dismantling international terrorism. Reprisal and war should no longer be considered as inevitable responses, because they often aggravate the problems that they were meant to solve. The international community should actively and rapidly think of bringing in a new era in the concept of world economic, political and strategic relations. It must recognise that the fulfilment of social demands is decisive for peace and security : France and Europe have the duty and means to ensure that these prevail.

The fight against terrorism and the promotion of peace and international co-operation are inseparable aspects of the CGT’s commitment. Through our participation in this day of mourning on 14 September, we will all express our deep feeling that humankind has a common destiny and our conviction that its future calls for more social justice, democracy, responsibility and solidarity.